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What do you know about hunting wild animals in The United States

Posted on 25 July, 2016 in hunting

If you have read books or watch movies about the North American, the Far West, Southern United States and cowboys in general, you must be known that hunting occurred here long ago, is an important part in many cultures of American ethnic groups. American residents enjoy hunting very much and are all good gunmen.

Hunting wild animals in the United States?

Today, the United States still allows hunting wild animals as hunting entertainment or hunting job (1), but they have specific laws and regulations on hunting, such as the seasons or the areas you are allowed to hunt, given by some wildlife conservation agencies. Hunters must comply with these regulations and have to buy license if they want to go fishing or go hunting. Licenses are sold at some grocery store near natural lake, national park or forest. If you go fishing, you will be restricted the number and the size of caught fishes depending on the fish resource in lakes. As for hunting wild animals, hunters must have another license to use the gun as well as register this with the police department. Hunting and fishing season generally runs from May until the end of August. When the summer is ending, the autumn begins and lasts until the winter, millions of hunters everywhere in the United States head the mountains, the plains, the hills, the valleys, the rivers and the big lakes to start hunting wild animals trip. Almost the United States people advocate legally hunting.
The United States treasures the issue of nature and wildlife conservation. There are a lot of forests and natural lakes here and they are controlled very closely. Where wild animals are prolific will be opened for hunting, and where there are very little wild animals is closed. Nature and wildlife conservation agency will tell you what forests were allowed to hunt and mostly allow hunting deer, wild boar and rabbit. Other animals are banned hunting; even wild birds are not arrested. As for deer and wild boar, the law does not allow you to shoot the female or the mother if they are in the period of herding their cubs. Many national parks are preserved as deserted time. Some places people built the area for tourists to rest, hunt and go camping if necessary. Therefore, if you want to hunt, you should often refer to information on the Internet in advance. Click this video to know How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac.

What are kinds of hunted animals?

Hunted animals are usually divided into some following main categories include: big hunted animals, small hunted animals, fur skin animals, predatory animals, terrestrial birds and waterfowl.
Big animals hunting job often requires the cards attached to each animal the hunter caught. These cards must be bought together with hunting licenses, and the number of card which is given each hunter is often restricted. In cases there are more hunters than hunted animals in any species, the cards often divided in lottery way. The cards can also be restricted in a particular area or a wildlife conservation place. Hunting the migratory waterfowl species usually requires duck stamp from United States Fish and Wildlife Service together with the appropriate hunting license in that state. Hunting other animals, beside big hunted animals, are frequently restricted by bag limit and possession limit. Bag limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual is allowed to hunt per day. Possession limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual can own at anytime.

Unearthed, the Titan gun safe features and use

Posted on 15 February, 2016 in Hand gun

The diversity presented in the market when it comes to the brands and the gun safe manufacturers has always made people to get confused. Many are the times when some users of gun safes may be easily found to mix up certain gun safe brands without knowing. One of the gun safes which are usually found in the mix is the Titan gun safe.

The need for gun safety in case of fire and water instances usually drive most users bananas making them in some cases end up falling prey to some substandard gun safes. This has sadly not been the case with Titan even though; most of the users have very scanty information on this gun safe. So now i will talk about this best gun safe for the money, it’s will show you pros and cons of this gun safe.

What makes the Titan safe?                                   

The importance attached on the gun safe use has always been because of the need to have the firearms being kept in a safe area. Most of the gun safes in the market target this. However, the Titan gun safes are in a world of their own when it comes to setting the pace in gun safety.

Though the features of the gun safe may resemble those of the other brands, you are going to be amazed if you took your valuable time to look at the brand of gun safe, especially its features. Some of the areas where the safe has been able to sell out include;

  • It has a secure welded panel beaten body which has the entire security feature any user may desire.
  • It’s usually easily assembled within the home being usually sold in easy to carry parts. This makes it a good fit for any user who may desire to use it in any area of the room.
  • It may not need to be put together using tools which is easy even for those who are not well versed in gun safe use.
  • Its assembly may not require heavy investment in labor and thus may be quite break proof.
  • It usually has an interior which is well lined to help keep the gun from scratches.
  • It has asset of shelves which are meant to give the user an option of putting several of his guns.
  • It has the safety requirement for keeping even some of the soft documents like computer backups and other important documents.
  • It is water proof feature which include a nice coated finish and an underwriter’s laboratories (UL) recognition which has all the signs that it is a good gun safe.
  • Its spacious interior makes it hold a sizeable number of guns. In addition, it has a gun rack which makes it capable of holding an extra number of guns. This spacious nature and security usually makes it the best choice for keeping what you don’t need to be seen.
  • It features an electronic lock mechanism which has an erase of changing the codes at any given moment.

The Titan gun safe has been seen to stand out based on these issues and others when it comes to ensuring that the gun is safe both within the vicinity of the house. You can also be sure that the gun you posses will be easy to move around when an eventuality arises that you are changing residence.

With all its durability features, this safe has been found to be easy to dismantle, carry and reassemble at the next point which is one area which has made it stand out among the other gun safes which are in some cases hard to move with and may get spoilt.

The cases of this safe reaching its buyer when broken are in fact very minimal with its lovers celebrating this fact. When compared to the price, the gun safe has all it takes to give its user the peace of mind.


How to use a hand gun with ease and safety

Posted on 28 January, 2016 in Hand gun

You want to use a hand gun (11) to intimidate or support to attack your object without causing injury or sequelae to other people and do not affect the environment? This article will help you!


  • A hand gun


  • Marbles (one of three types: rubber marbles, pepper marbles and threatening marbles)
  • A canister round




  • All the contact with the hand gun has to be allowed by you.
  • The hand gun keeping needs to be absolutely safe; do not broke or lose it; be not spontaneous to repair, replace or deform it.


  • Latch


If the latch is open, the hand gun can explode when you are careless.

  • Load the marbles
Lock the latch, this time the hand gun is in safe status. Press the button to take the canister round out the gun. Load the marbles gradually on the canister round until it is full. Then mount the canister round to the hand gun. Now, the gun is ready to be cocked.
  • Cock the gun


After mounting the canister round to the hand gun, use your fingers to lightly pull the sliding piece back to the last point and release. At that moment, the marbles are loaded into the gun barrel and the hammer is ready. Let’s push the latch upwards to make the gun ready for shooting.

When you pull the trigger, a marble will explode and the canister round will automatically push the continuous marbles up to ready-to-shoot mode. After shooting the last marble, the hand gun will back the original status. In order to continue shooting, we take the canister round out the gun again and repeat above manipulations. If the latch is locked, pulling the trigger has no influence.


The hand gun after you shoot must be cleaned and properly preserved according to the hot weapon preservation rules. Namely:

  • For the cleaning materials:
– The petroleum jelly to oil the hand gun
– The wiper without fibers.
– The bar unclogs the gun barrel.
  • Cleaning methods:
Firstly, the latch has to be locked at safe position and the canister round must be taken out the hand gun. Absolutely make sure that there is no bullet in the gun barrel. Pull the sliding piece carefully. Pull the security trigger downwards and push it aside by your forefinger and pull the keeping bar right to the trigger latch position. Use your finger to pull the sliding piece backwards and take it out the gun. Oil the inner of the gun body. So as to unclog the gun barrel, you use that bar to dip in oil and anoint the barrel from outside to inside. Then, use the dry wiper without fibers to clean the oil stains on the barrel and the body of the hand gun. Lastly, assemble the gun as well as when you disassemble it, after that let’s withdraw the keeping bar from the trigger latch.

The hand gun has to be cleaned at least after 2 loading times.

Learn about the bullets for the hand gun today

Posted on 28 January, 2016 in Hand gun

As you know, the bullet is a weapon that is able to damage the enemy. The bullet was fired from the gun to destroy the target. Bullet is usually made of metal.
Talking about the bullets for the hand gun, they were born when this type of gun were born. As the weapon technology developed, a series of modern hand gun have appeared; that brings about many new bullets for the hand gun created in order to serve many different purposes.
This article will introduce you some basic bullets for the hand gun to help you to have the right choice when you use the guns corresponding to each situation.

Electric Bullets

With a special design, electric bullet is equipped with a small power source (1.3 milliamps) which is capable of causing electric shock (500 V) within 20 seconds. That ammunition is equipped with power supply inside so you do not need wires linked to the power source inside the gun. Therefore, it can take the target down at a distance of 30 m.


Fireworks bullet

This ammunition is used magnesium and capable of firing 30 meters away. It looks quite impressive at night, has the ability to burn the target, however, it is only able to be used in the big spaces.

Foam bullets

A special kind of bullet does not cause damage, so it is used to suppress the crowd. When fired, the foam bullet can reach the speed of 200 m / s, which can make the target stunned for a short time.
HCT launch 1.jpg

Laser bullets

This is an intelligent bullet, capable to exactly shoot at targets within 2,000 meters. Its special feature is that it is equipped with optical sensor and has the ability to control the small rudders on its tail to help it to divert. When the bullet leaves the barrel, optical sensor will find the right location marked by laser. So whether the target moves or not, it can’t get rid of the bullet.


Rocket bullets

This special ammunition has 200 meter range, with the ability to penetrate the thick steel layers of 12 millimeters.


Salt or pepper shaker bullets

It is a special kind of bullet because it has no afford to damage, but it can prevent and hurt the target at close range. This bullet is easy to self-produce because the material of it is available in each home.




Safety guide when owning a hand gun for you

Posted on 28 January, 2016 in Hand gun

You are buying a hand gun for self-defense or protecting your family from the bandits, murderers and terrorists with the weapons in their hand who likely harm you and your family. Owning a gun at the time there are many dangers as it is today is very necessary. But, so it is not a bad behavior that can cause injuries to other people and society, who owning the hand gun is mandatory to adhere to the following safety rules:

First, ensure the safety when you keep the hand gun at home.

• Keep the gun in a safe and locked place, do not assign it to another person without responsibility and do not let it fall into the hands of children (children are often not able to distinguish the difference between a fake gun and a real gun).

• Keep the gun clean, because the dust or soil can make the bullets (8) jam and cause the ignition.

• Should wipe the gun cleanly after each time you use it.
• Store guns and ammunition separately, the place of ammunition is not the same as where the gun is stored. Make sure that no bullet is still in the gun.
• Do not store firearms at the moist place with the liquid and chemical.

• Be careful with the gun, always regard as the gun was loaded.

• Use more measures to ensure the safety for your families as: burglar alarm system, gun safes, all kinds of door locks, having a dog, etc.
• Attach the trigger lock to the gun even if it is not loaded to increase the safety for your hand gun, the trigger locks now are created in such a way that you can open it very quickly in a few seconds. If you do not lock the gun and put it under your pillow at night, remember to lock it in the morning before going to work.
• Have to explain for your child about the dangers of guns and tell them never touch a gun in anywhere without the permission of the parent.

Second, you also need to be careful when carrying the hand gun.

• Except for an emergency, always aim the muzzle toward safe direction with no people.


• Always lock the gun latch when bringing it aside you.

• When holding a gun, have not to drink alcohol, narcotics or hallucinogens.

Third, your hand gun using must be especially safe.

• You must know how to use the gun safely.

• Read the directions carefully before use.

• Only pull the trigger when targeting the audience exactly.

• Only use the gun when really necessary.

• When shooting, stretch your arm, do not put the gun near your face. Hold the gun tightly in your hand in the attempt shot.
• Encourage use sunglasses to protect your eyes and use ear gears to protect your ears.
• After shooting is finished, lock the gun latch.

• Must measure the recoil of a gun when shooting.

• Do not play the fool with the hand gun.

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What do you need to know before officially using a hand gun

Posted on 28 January, 2016 in Hand gun

1. Power of the person using the gun

If you have to shoot continuously, a lot of power will be lost, so you need to practice your strength very thoroughly. A normal hand gun also has quite large weight. You could not hold such a heavy gun to stretch out for a long time when necessary without a good health.

2. It is not easy to sight for a shot

In fact, sighting is not easy. A hand gun has 2 or more sight points: at gunpoint, in the middle of gun or at gun tail. When you see these points overlapping one another and the target closely, sighting is just completed. Of course, the challenge does not stop there, to keep that sight you have to hold the gun as most steadily as you can. This is rather difficult because when you breathe, your body will oscillate according to the rhythm of the lungs that makes your hand and the gun in it follow this oscillation. In addition, raising the gun in long time make your hand so tired and it is more difficult to keep the hand do not shake.

Currently, there are some advanced tools to help you to sight less painfully, such as: the red dot viewfinder, ACOG viewfinder, and laser light… but these parts are not cheap and the hand gun which must be equipped with rail system could mount it.

3. If the gun can fire in any conditions or not?

Actually, some guns are adapted to extreme environmental conditions, others are not. When fired, the bullet will run along the barrel, fly out the muzzle; and if there is a certain strange blocking object in the barrel, the barrel will clog, the gun will blow up, and the person losing his life is that gun shooter. Mud, sand, water and low temperature are the causes of gun clog.

4. Bullet jamming

Bullet jamming is a common problem in real; the rate that bullets can be fired is not 100%. Some of them are fired comfortably, but others are not. There are many reasons of bullet jamming like: bullet is flat, ejection mechanism or blowback mechanism of the gun is broken, fire needle is rusted or broken due to bad weapon maintenance. This is a common mistake, but equally dangerous. Because, for example, for the simplest error of bullet jamming is flat bullet, you must take at least 1 second to use your finger pulling the barrel latch to push flat bullet out. Meanwhile, in a gunfight, the half-second is well enough for your enemy to handle you.

5. Will the silencer tube get you do not make a sound?

This tube is only effective in reducing noise when shooting; it could not completely eliminate the sound of exploding bullets. The mechanism that the bullet makes a bang is in the moment the bullet flies out the gun, when gunpowder explodes in the cartouche, the chamber is locked and there is only one way for the bullet to out is the barrel. So when the bullets (8) fly out the barrel, it releases the pressure and creates the bang like you needle an inflated balloon.

Silencer is a circular tube with many empty drawers preventing pressure from suddenly releasing, and slows this pressure partially by filling the drawers instead. The result is the noise is reduced markedly, but there is always a sound when shooting, not quiet, at close range you can still hear this sound.

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Compare two kinds of hand gun – Backwards bolt short gun (Pistol) and rotation chamber short gun (Revolver)

Posted on 28 January, 2016 in Hand gun





1. Structure of the guns

  • The chamber of the hand gun: The chamber of Revolver is shorter than Pistol’s one a lot, the space which connects the chamber with the barrel of Revolver still leaks.
  • Maximum number of bullets: This number of pistol is usually more than Revolver. For Pistol, it is commonly 7 bullets; but for Revolver, it is from 5 to 6 bullets. Of course, both of these two types can contain up to 20 bullets.
  • Pistol has more types and it is also more diversified than Revolver.
  • The length of guns when the lengths of their barrels are the same: Pistol is shorter than Revolver.
  • The thickness of guns when they have the same numbers of ammunitions: Pistol is thinner than Revolver.
  • Cartridge belt of Revolver is not placed in the butt as Pistol.

2. The ammunition is used for the guns

The ammunition which is commonly used for Revolver is quite large, approximately 12 mm. Meanwhile, the ammunition of Pistol is much less than revolver’s one: the popularity is 9mm, 7.62mm or less. The cause is that Pistol uses the canister round so the bullets (8) of Pistol are limited in length. Because Revolver typically has the length of bullet larger, the quantity of propellant is also larger than Pistol.

3. Operation mechanism of the guns

  • Bullet supplement: Pistol can load multiple bullets at once; while for Revolver, you must tuck each bullet into the small bullet hole on a colt, and then insert it into the revolver of cartridge belt, that is finished!
  • Time to replace bullets: Pistol is faster than Revolver.
  • The vision of bullets when their barrels have the same length: The bullet of Pistol flies further than Revolver’s one.
  • The muzzle velocity when their barrels have the same length: The speed of Revolver bullet is lower than Pistol’s one.
  • The weight of triggers while squeezing: the trigger of Pistol is lighter than Revolver.
  • The deviation level of sightseeing direction when pulling the trigger: Pistol is less than Revolver.
  • Handling way when there is bullet jamming or flat bullet: You can continue to squeeze with Revolver, but for Pistol, you must load again.
  • Leave the bullet shells after firing: Pistol does, but Revolver does not.
  • Time to start firing: Revolver is faster than Pistol in the first shot because Pistol must unlock the loader latch. But, therefore, Pistol gives the safer feelings.

4. Function of the guns

Revolver has a feature that Pistol does not get: the ability of shooting underwater. Revolver can shoot completely 6 bullets underwater, but the bullet can’t go far.

Pistol is usually used to shoot automatically. And if you need to load each bullet, avoid bullet jamming, with close shooting range, Revolver is used a lot.


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